PachiMarchi Returns in Overwatch 2 With New Rewards

PachiMarchi Returns in Overwatch 2 With New Rewards

Play the new 3v3 game mode and earn Pachimari-themed rewards, including a new skin for Roadhog.

Overwatch 2’s annual spring event PachiMarchi is back once more, kicking off today with a new series of challenges to complete and rewards to unlock. This year’s event introduces a new 3v3 arcade mode that is the key to earning new Pachi-themed player icons and customization items. The rewards also include a Pachimari-inspired skin for the event’s poster boy, Roadhog.

To complete PachiMarchi event challenges and earn rewards, players will have to queue up for the Catch-A-Mari arcade mode. The 3v3 “elimination-confirmed” mode tasks players with collecting fallen Pachimari toys from eliminated opponents. The team to collect the most toys wins the round. The arcade mode takes place on the arena maps for Blizzard World, Kanezaka, and Busan Downtown. The mode also introduces an event-themed version of Hanamura.

Playing and winning Catch-A-Mari matches will contribute to event progress and will reward players with various cosmetic items, including a new Pachimari name card and weapon charm. Completing six of the event challenges will unlock the Pachimari Roadhog skin along with 80,000 XP.

The PachiMarchi event is currently underway in Overwatch 2 and will continue through April 4. Those who log into the game during the event window will receive the Hogimari player icon for free. Head over to the official announcement for more details.