Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland 2022 Now Underway

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland 2022 Now Underway

Winter Wonderland has returned with new winter-themed game modes and new cosmetics to unlock.

Today marks the first day of Winter Wonderland 2022 in Overwatch 2. The seasonal holiday event brings winter-themed game modes for players to enjoy along with new cosmetic items that will be available for a limited time. Winter Wonderland will continue until January 4, 2023.

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland 2022


Winter Wonderland 2022 features several wintery arcade modes, including Mei’s Snowball Offensive, which swaps Mei’s frost stream for snowballs, and Mei’s Yeti Hunt, a 5v1 raid-boss mode. There’s also Freezethaw Elimination, which is described as “Overwatch 2’s version of freeze tag.”

Completing challenges in these modes will unlock new weapon charms, sprays, and player icons, as well as the new Ice Queen Brigitte skin. A new holiday skin and victory pose are available for D.Va as Twitch drops for those who tune in to watch certain Overwatch 2 streamers during the event.

In addition to the Winder Wonderland event, Blizzard will be treating returning players to new weapon charms and player icons for logging in later this month. Those who log into Overwatch 2 from December 20 to January 4 will receive a 2023 player icon and the Festive Wreath weapon charm.

Check back soon for more Overwatch 2 news and updates.