Overwatch 2 Summer Games Adds Volleyball Mode

Overwatch 2 Summer Games Adds Volleyball Mode

The Summer Games event brings Competitive Team Queue and Winston's Beach Volleyball to Overwatch 2.

The seasonal Summer Games have returned to Overwatch 2, bringing new game modes, challenges, and rewards for players to enjoy.

Those who complete several rounds of Winston’s Beach Volleyball can earn an Epic skin for Doomfis alongside a new spray, victory pose, and additional XP. The game mode is a 3v3 volleyball mode where only specific heroes can be selected. The event also marks the return of Lúcioball, which is the Overwatch equivalent of soccer, as well as Lúcioball Remix.

The Summer Games update went live on Tuesday alongside a patch that addresses several bugs pertaining to the On Fire status. The update also adds Team Queue to Competitive Mode, allowing players to queue up in groups of five players. Team Queue does not have ranking restrictions and will be available through the end of Season 5.

An assortment of hero updates have also been made as part of today’s patch, including a buff to Reinhardt’s Barrier Field and a nerf to Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord. An assortment of other issues have been addressed in this patch, including various ping-related problems and other gameplay bugs.

The Summer Games event is currently underway and will continue through July 24, 2023. The full patch notes for the Summer Games update is available on the Overwatch 2 website. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Overwatch 2 updates.