Mei Returns to Overwatch 2 Alongside Mid-Season Patch

Mei Returns to Overwatch 2 Alongside Mid-Season Patch

The latest Overwatch 2 update brings several hero balance changes and marks the return of Mei.

Today, a mid-season patch update rolled out for Overwatch 2 that reintroduces Mei back to the hero lineup and brings a handful of hero balance changes along with it. Blizzard has also shared a blog post coinciding with today’s patch that discusses what the team has planned for Season 2. The post covers improvements to rewards, progression, Competitive matchmaking, and queue times in the upcoming season.

Today’s patch includes a slew of hero balance adjustments and a change to aim assist for players in crossplay lobbies. D.Va has received an impact damage reduction, while Zarya has received changes to her barrier uptime. Genji, Sombra, Junkrat, and Kiriko have each received a few kit adjustments as well. The patch also sees the return of Mei after a bug with her Ice Wall prompted her removal earlier this month.

While the latest patch update squashed plenty of bugs and came with a good number of adjustments, it seems most of the changes are still to come in Season 2 and beyond. Next season, each in-game event will offer a skin that can be earned for free through gameplay, alongside skins that will continue to be available through Twitch drops. Future seasons will feature more “play-focused progression systems” to make the gameplay experience more rewarding.

You can find the full mid-season patch notes on the Blizzard website. More information on Overwatch 2 Season 2 is reportedly on the way, so stay tuned to Guide Stash for updates.