No Man’s Sky Fans Fund Billboard to Thank Hello Games

No Man’s Sky Fans Fund Billboard to Thank Hello Games

The billboard will be posted within walking distance of the Hello Games offices for the developers to see.

It’s been nearly three years since indie studio Hello Games launched their space exploration game No Man’s Sky back in 2016. The game received some harsh criticisms upon release. Although the road has been rough for the team at Hello Games, this has not stopped the studio from working hard to improve No Man’s Sky following its release. The game has since received multiple updates to ensure it would eventually meet player expectations. The developers beefed up the game’s narrative, added co-op play, and improved base building, with more changes still to come.

It seems that these efforts have not gone unnoticed. The fans of No Man’s Sky have banded together to crowdfund a billboard to thank the Hello Games studio for the work they’ve done to improve the game over the years. The billboard’s Gofundme campaign, created by Cam G, has already reached $2,391 at the time of this writing, surpassing its $1,750 goal in less than 24 hours.

According to the campaign, the funds will be used to put up a billboard “within walking distance” of the Hello Games office in Guildford, UK. Some of the money will will also be spent on buying the developers lunch and a case of beer. “Hello Games has put in a heroic effort to get NMS to where it is today. As a community on r/NoMansSkyTheGame we’d like to express our thanks,” explains the Gofundme page.

Sean Murray Notices No Man’s Sky Billboard

The campaign was eventually brought to the attention of Hello Games founder and creator Sean Murray, who tweeted about it from his personal Twitter account earlier today.

Most of the crowdfunding support came from users over on the r/NoMansSkyTheGame subreddit, where a mock-up of the billboard was initially posted ahead of the campaign. The No Man’s Sky billboard will read “Thank You Hello Games” alongside a donger image with open arms.

It’s touching to see fans of No Man’s Sky come together to express their collective gratitude for the efforts made by Hello Games. Game development can be rough, so a nice gesture like this will likely go a long way towards improving the morale at Hello Games.

No Man’s Sky is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The game is also headed to virtual reality via PlayStation VR and Steam VR in the near future.