Niffelheim Gameplay Shows Resource Gathering and Crafting

Niffelheim Gameplay Shows Resource Gathering and Crafting

We get our first look at Niffelheim gameplay, including gathering resources, upgrading defenses, crafting provisions, and exploring mines and dungeons.

A new gameplay video for Niffelheim was released by developers Ellada Games early this week. In it, we get our first glimpse at the 2D side-scroller’s exploration, resource management, and crafting systems.

In Niffelheim, you take on the role of a Viking looking for a way to enter Valhalla. Unfortunately, your hero did not manage to die bravely in battle and is instead stuck in Niffelheim, a realm adjacent to Valhalla, but much more unforgiving. The gameplay footage shows how the 2D side-scrolling action lets you explore your outpost’s surroundings and showcases a variety of resource gathering options. Whether you’re felling trees to obtain timber to upgrade your outpost with walls and towers, or you’re killing skeletons to survive, Niffelheim appears to offer typical survival game fare.

The 2D nature does offer a unique angle, and there appears to be a relatively deep system of crafting. We see a large variety of provisions that can be crafted from numerous ingredients to help sate hunger. There is even a mineshaft which leads to, presumably increasingly dangerous, lower levels. A brief display of scientific research options can also be seen, which appears to tie into the Viking’s desire to craft a portal to the realm of Valhalla.

Niffelheim, the 2D Norse-themed adventure-survival game is scheduled to be released on September 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We plan to have a review available shortly as we look forward to what this unique take on the genre can offer.