NHL 23 HUT Deep Dive Trailer Features HUT Rivals Changes

NHL 23 HUT Deep Dive Trailer Features HUT Rivals Changes

New HUT changes include cross-platform matchmaking, mixed teams, new play styles, and win-based rewards.

EA Sports has announced a slew of changes heading to HUT ahead of the launch of NHL 23 next week. The HUT changes include mixed teams, ten new play styles for HUT rivals, and a new win-based reward structure. Cross-platform matchmaking will also be headed to HUT in November. The full list of HUT changes can be found on the latest NHL 23 blog post as well as in the official HUT Deep Dive trailer below.

NHL 23 – HUT Deep Dive

In NHL 23, HUT rivals will feature a new win-based reward structure that allows players to earn additional rewards by getting win streaks. The higher a player’s division, the bigger the reward.

HUT rivals will also feature 10 new game styles that aim to keep the gameplay fresh. New game styles will refresh weekly with a different theme for each mode. Styles include international ice, 3v3, and arcade speed settings. HUT champions will still be available for players who want traditional hockey gameplay without themes or modifications.

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In November, skill-based cross-platform matchmaking will arrive in NHL 23 in the form of a patch update, narrowing the gap between console players. This will open up the player pool for players within the same console generation, allowing for shorter matchmaking times overall.

IIHF women’s teams will also be available in HUT in NHL 23. This will expand the number of professional players available to choose from when constructing your hockey dream team.

NHL 23 launches on October 14 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One. Players who want to hit the ice three days early can pre-order the X-Factor Edition. Stay tuned for more NHL 23 updates.