NHL 22 to Introduce First Playable Women’s Hockey Teams Next Year

NHL 22 to Introduce First Playable Women’s Hockey Teams Next Year

International teams and World Juniors have also been added to NHL 22 in the latest update.

On Thursday, EA Sports announced a new partnership with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) that brings new limited-time content to NHL 22. The content drop arrives as part of the game’s latest patch update, which introduced the IIHF World Junior Championship to the game, along with several player-requested features.

As a result, new Federations, uniforms, and logos are available in the Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel modes in NHL 22. Free IIHF content is available to players who log into NHL 22 from now until January 10, 2022.

NHL 22 IIHF Update Trailer

EA also announced that playable women’s teams will be coming to NHL 22 for the first time with the addition of the IIHF women’s national teams and IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship next year. Look for the IIHF women’s teams in NHL 22’s Play Now mode in January 2022. Both the women’s and men’s World Championships will also come to NHL 22 in January, according to EA’s website.

“The introduction of women’s national teams to NHL 22 as part of the upcoming IIHF content will be an important moment for the franchise in its continued effort to reflect the diversity of the hockey community,” said Sean Ramjagsingh, VP and GM of EA Sports. “We are proud to feature playable women’s teams for the first time in NHL 22, alongside the rising stars on the World Juniors teams.”

The latest patch update also introduces Roster Sharing and HUT Content Migration to NHL 22, two highly requested features. Roster Sharing, as the name implies, gives players the ability to download rosters uploaded by other players. HUT Content Migration allows players who started NHL 22 on previous generation consoles to transfer their HUT Team progress to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. You can learn more about the details of HUT Content Migration on EA’s website.

To see all of the changes from the December update, check out the NHL 22 1.3.0 patch notes.