Naraka: Bladepoint Update Patch Notes July 2022

Naraka: Bladepoint Update Patch Notes July 2022

The latest update introduces a new game mode, two new events, and various gameplay adjustments to Naraka: Bladepoint.

The latest content update for Naraka: Bladepoint went live on Thursday, July 14, 2022 across consoles and PC. The update adds a new casual game mode and two new events to the game, along with various gameplay adjustments and bug fixes. The full patch notes from the July 14 update for Naraka: Bladepoint are available below.

The July content update for Naraka: Bladepoint introduces the Through the Fire casual game mode, which requires a party of three and involves special Souljades. Two limited-time, in-game events have been added as well. The first event is Morus’ Fall, which allows players to collect Fall Guys collectibles and exchange them for rewards. The second is the Summer Herald event, which tasks players with completing daily quests to earn Sunhats that can be redeemed for event-exclusive rewards. Get ready to collect more Plumes, as The Sunwing Solstice: Mutation event is scheduled to kick off on July 20.

A couple of heroes have also been tweaked as part of the update, namely Matari and Takeda Nobutada. According to the patch notes below, Takeda’s upcoming skill and ultimate “did not meet expectations” during playtesting, and thus will not be available until the next update.

Naraka: Bladepoint Update – July 2022

The New Casual Mode [Through the Fire]


  1. Two Exclusive Souljades ([Uppercut Slash·Pendulum] and [Lethal Descent·Pendulum]) will appear in this mode. And all the Souljades and Dark Tide Coins you obtained will not be dropped again.
  2. [Uppercut Slash·Pendulum]: Enhances Katana, Spear and Dual Blades’ Uppercut Slash.
  3. [Lethal Descent·Pendulum]: Use the crouch button while jumping or free-falling to land quickly and knock nearby enemies airborne. Lethal Descent grows in power according to the height fallen.
  4. The mode requires a party of three.
  5. You can utilize the large mechanisms on the island to defeat enemies.
  6. Fall in the water and you’re defeated.
  7. Every now and then, the Exquisite Vessel will spawn forth loads of weapons and rare Souljades.

At set intervals, the Top 1 player will become the bounty target: killing the bounty target will get Bounty Score.

Score Rules:

  • Kills: +5 points
  • Killstreaks: +1 bonus point
  • 5+ killstreaks: +1 bonus point
  • Kills the bounty target: +30 bonus points
  • Have fun and be the last standing!

The New Event [Sunwing Solstice·Mutation]

Event Time: 07/20/2022 20:00 (UTC) – 08/03/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

  1. Gain [Plumes·Scarlet] and a certain amount of [Event Points] by completing quests during the event.
  2. During match preparation stages, players must gather their efforts to activate the altar upon the center of Origin Island. Having done so, they’ll receive [Plumes·Scarlet] upon opening gold or green Troves. Up to 10 [Plumes·Scarlet] can be obtained from each match, and total of 10 can be obtained per day (this excludes those from Omni’s Nightmare and Bloodsport).
  3. Submit [Plumes·Scarlet] to gain event points. Clicking the Submit button will submit all your [Plumes·Scarlet], granting you 10 points for each one.
  4. You’ll also receive a [Summer Solstice Gift] for every 20 [Plumes·Scarlet] submitted.
  5. You gain certain rewards once you’ve gained enough event points, with 2,300 needed to gain them all.
  6. Every [Plumes·Scarlet] submitted increases the Total Points figure by 1, and once it reaches its maximum, all players will be rewarded 1 [Fortune Treasure].

*Note: Remember to claim your rewards before the event ends, or you’ll miss out.

The New Event [Morus’ Fall]

Event Time: 07/14/2022 update – 07/20/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

  1. During the preparation phase in [Through the Fire], players can collect [Fall Guys] found on the ground. Up to 6 [Fall Guys] can be gained this way per day.
  2. Fall Guys can be exchanged for limited rewards!

*Note: Rewards may be redeemed during the event up until 07/23/2022 20:00 (UTC), so don’t leave it too late!

The New Event [Summer Herald]

Event Time: 07/14/2022 update – 08/03/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

  1. Complete Daily Quests for [Sunhats], and use [Sunhats] to redeem exclusive event rewards. The quests will be reset at 20:00 (UTC) every day.
  2. Certain players will become [Summer Heralds] during the event. They receive daily [Melons] after logging in. [Summer Heralds] will be reset every Thursday at 20:00 (UTC).
  3. Players can use [Melons] to send greeting Emails to other players. Those who have received the Email can claim a [Fresh Melons], which can be redeemed for limited event rewards.

Hero Adjustments

Takeda Nobutada

  1. Takeda’s new skill [Mythic Grab·Takedown] and new ultimate [Demonic Aid·Engulf] will not be included in the update this time. According to the feedback from players in the Test Server, Takeda’s new skill and ultimate did not meet expectations. Thus, we decided to readjust and they will be available in the next update. We appreciate all the feedback from players and look forward to more of your suggestions.
  2. Optimized the problem that Takeda would pull the target to his side while grabbing the weapon. Now Takeda will rush to the target.
  3. Optimized the problem that the crosshair of Takeda Nobutada’s [Demonic Aid: Teleport] would be blocked when he backs against occluded objects, which restricted the normal aim range.
  4. Optimized the descriptions of Takeda Nobutada’s skills and ultimates.


  1. Optimized the special effect of [Backstab]’s special attacks when casting [Unseen Wings].
  2. Optimized [Backstab]’s locking range. Now enemies near the screen edge won’t be locked.
  3. Increased the Max Rage required for casting the ultimate [Unseen Wings] and all its variations by 25%, which is the same as the Max Rage of most heroes.

Souljade Adjustments

Dual Blades Souljades

  1. Added [Dual Blades Sap]: The last move of a Counterstrike Combo restores 75% of the damage dealt as health or armor.
  2. [Universe Slash]: Optimized the motions of fingers.
  3. [Universe Slash]: Adjusted the Damage Multiplier of each stage from 3.89 to 3.48.

In-game Adjustments

Feature Optimizations

In-game Quest Optimization:

  • Icons of quest location were added to the descriptions of Cache Hunt, Prayer and Blessings quests, and descriptions of Quest Scrolls.

Direction Indicator Optimization:

  • Marks of North, South, East and West, etc., were added to the direction indicator to make reporting enemies’ location easier for players.

Combat Adjustments

Quick Counter:

You will no longer crouch when using Quick Counter before a charging is completed. The response interval of Quick Counter is now lengthened when you continuously tap or hold the button to reduce misoperation.

Omni’s Nightmare Adjustments

  1. Now the location of Soul Lanterns will be displayed when players select the spawn point.
  2. Adjusted Soul Lanterns’ repairing time to 6s by 1 player, 4s by 2 players and 2s by 3 or more players. There will be motional signals on the map when Heroes are repairing Soul Lanterns.
  3. Added a mechanism to dynamically adjust the frequency of Rattans’ refreshing around the Soul Lanterns according to the situation on the field, and reflected it on the icon of Soul Lanterns.
  4. Adjusted the negative effects on Heroes who extinguish the Soul Spark. Their ultimates will be banned for 10s, and a random debuff (skill banning, Grappling Hook banning and Blind) will be imposed on them.
  5. After extinguishing the Soul Spark, Evil-Ent Lords will increase Attack by 20%, Melee Resistance by 25% and Ranged Resistance by 35%, lasting for 20s.
  6. Reduced the protection time of Soul Spark to 50s.
  7. Now all Souljades will be retained after Heroes’ rebirth.
  8. Evil-Ents now can counter.
  9. Increased Evil-Ents’ Ranged Resistance by 35% and doubled their tree climbing speed.
  10. Now you can adjust the voice volume of the faction.

Solo Mode Adjustments

1. In all Solo modes (The Herald’s Trial, Bot Mode and Quick Match):

  1. Players can get one Rebirth now.
  2. The first spread of the Shadow Corruption was delayed for 60s.
  3. The appearance time of Morus’ Blessing has also been adjusted according to the delay of the Shadow Corruption spread.

Out-game Adjustments

Out-game Voice

  1. Now players can voice chat with teammates in the Lobby when teaming up.
  2. Two chat modes are supported: Open Mic and Tap To Speak.
  3. Now players can mute their teammates.

Talent-Glyph Value Adjustments

  1. Reduced the bonus of Talents related to Energy Cap, Energy Restoring Speed, Dodge Energy Consumption/Dagger Dash Energy consumption by 33%. (The reduction was added to players’ basic buffs to ensure the performance remains consistent after the adjustment when Energy Glyphs are fully equipped.)
  2. Party’s Shared Rift Dealer Discount replaced the former buff of Rift Dealer Discount. To be specific:
  • Now players could provide discounts to both themselves and teammates. Party’s Shared Rift Dealer Discount from different teammates could be stacked.
  • The additional discount was reduced to 50% of the original.
  • Party’s Shared Rift Dealer Discount and discounts provided by in-game mechanisms (such as the global effect from statues in Stashes) can be multiplied.

Team Stats

  1. Optimized the performance of some Poses.


Faction Voice Volume in Omni’s Nightmare

  1. Added [Omni’s Nightmare Faction Voice Volume] to Settings-Audio-Volume, which could be used to adjust the voice volume of Heroes and Evil-Ent faction channels.

Feature Optimizations


  1. Optimized the loading logic of radar maps to reduce instant stuttering caused by map loading in certain circumstances.
  2. Optimized the loading logic of characters and scene objects to reduce instant stuttering caused by their loading in certain circumstances.
  3. Optimized the performance consumption of the special effects of Cairns and pickable objects to improve their recognizability at different angles with slight changes in cosmetics.


  1. Optimized the attack while falling from a platform with a height of 1.3m and below, which will connect ground attacks instead of airborne attacks.
  2. Optimized button tips in the matches. Now different tips will be displayed according to the melee or ranged weapons you hold. Button tips were added to Training Ground too.


Added the [Default Collocation] feature to the Pack Preview: tap the button of [Default Collocation] to toggle between the officially recommended collocation and the player’s individual collocation.

Store Updates

Crossover Expiration

The Crossover between NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and [Sword and Fairy] [Xuan-Yuan Sword] will come to an end, and the following items will not be purchasable from 07/15/2022 at 15:59:59 (UTC).

  1. Hero Outfits: [Sword and Fairy·Zhao Ling-er], [Sword and Fairy·Li Xiaoyao], [Xuan-Yuan Sword·Chen Jingchou], [Xuan-Yuan Sword·Tuoba Yu’er].
  2. Weapon Skin: [Xuan-Yuan Sword].
  3. Packs: [Astral Chaser Pack], [Revered Blade Pack], [Pearl Deity Pack], [Vigorous Youth Pack].

The items above will be unpurchasable then, while players who have unlocked those items will continue to keep them.

New Packs

Added the new Yoto Hime Exclusive Pack [Ocean Coral], which includes Yoto Hime’s Legendary outfits [Ocean Coral], Greatsword Legendary skin [Coral Blade]. The Original price of the pack: 4,200 Gold; Now: 2,880 Gold.

Added New Discounts

  1. Added the new Dagger Legendary skin [The Breaker·Myriad Edge]. Original price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.
  2. Added the new Katana Legendary skin [The Breaker·Cavern]. Original price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.
  3. Justina Gu’s Legendary outfit [Aegis Embroidery]. Original price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.
  4. Viper Ning’s Legendary outfit [Maple Snowfall]. Original price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.
  5. Added the new item [Surmount Card·Ordeal] to the Store, which can be used to upgrade Ordeal Hidden Treasure by 30 levels with only 1,800 Gold. This can be purchased once only.

Discounts End

  1. Dual Blades Legendary skin [Peacebreaker] has returned to its original price of 1,500 Gold.
  2. Takeda’s Legendary Accessory [Helm of Malevolence] has returned to its original price of 1,200 Gold.
  3. Nunchucks Legendary skin [Tiger’s Grace] has returned to its original price of 1,500 Gold.
  4. Viper Ning’s Legendary outfit [Dragon Will·Awareness] has returned to its original price of 2,400 Gold.

Bug Fixes

Hero-related Bugs

  1. Fixed an issue where the frozen value of Justina Gu’s [Arctic Wraith] failed to be increased by attack bonus.
  2. Fixed an issue where Kurumi’s [Sacred Circle] would not consume Rage in some cases.

Battle-related Bugs

  1. Fixed an issue where Evil-Ents’ Horizontal Strike and Axe Throwing were on ranged buttons when players use controllers in [Omni’s Nightmare].
  2. Fixed an issue where the Counterstrike Combo could fail after an airborne counter.

Voice-related Bugs

  1. Fixed an issue where player voice echo and the receiving volume could be too loud.

Stay tuned for more Naraka: Bladepoint news and updates.