Naraka: Bladepoint Patch Notes October 2022

Naraka: Bladepoint Patch Notes October 2022

The latest update brings new Halloween-themed content and a new episode of Showdown.

The latest update for Naraka: Bladepoint recently rolled out on Sunday, October 23. The update adds a new episode of Showdown and a spooky new limited-time event to the game, just in time for Halloween. Various hero adjustments have also been made across the board along with several bug fixes. The full October 24 patch notes are available below as well as on the Naraka: Bladepoint news page.

The update introduces the Autumn Chill Halloween Festival, which kicks off tomorrow, October 25 and runs until November 10. During the event, players can expect to find some spooky decorations strewn about the preparation area. Players will also collect candy as they loot and counter other players during matches, which can be used to unlock several new Halloween accessories.

Naraka: Bladepoint – October 2022 Patch Notes

Brand-new content

I. A New Episode of Showdown

The sand and dust are lifted into the air by the eerie winds at the Shadowjade Mine, and in that veil of sand are the figures of the Eagle and the Grey Wolf.

From October 28th, Showdown will be available for a limited time on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In [Eventide Temple] and the new episode [Shadowjade Mine], heroes are gathering to confront the Herald’s Boss, Omnius, along with his servants who appear as the first time.

1. New Hero Joined: Matari, Temulch

Matari and Temulch are now on the list to face the new challenges in Showdown.

2. Sense Level System

(1) When playing Showdown, there’s a chance of getting Showdown Souljade (can’t be shared among team members). Equip Showdown Souljades for heroes to grant them more powerful and diversified skills.

(2) Hero Sense Level equals the average of the levels of equipped Souljades. If the Hero Sense Level is lower than the recommended level, you’ll cause less damage to the monsters while taking more damage from them. On the contrary, you’ll cause more damage while taking less damage from them when with higher sense level.

(3) Enhance the Souljade to raise its sense level. As the Sense Level increases, heroes will gain extra attribute bonus.

3. Omens

In Hard and Nightscream levels, Omens will randomly appear every time you start a new match. There will be new challenges, along with more powerful Souljades that can enhance Weapon and Hero-exclusive Skills.

4. Doom

Complete certain levels and the event [Shadow of Dust] to unlock Doom mode, where stronger Omens that can’t be seen in other modes will occur. Once completed, there’s a chance of getting Legendary weapon skin [Flaming Ash·Burning], Legendary Showdown Souljades and titles by topping the rank of Racing Leaderboard.

II. Time-limited Event: Autumn Chill

Event time: 10/25/2022 16:00 (UTC) to 11/10/2022 16:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

  1. Several Halloween Specters pop up during the preparation stage. Try grasp one!
  2. Looting troves in the battle grant chances to obtain [Candy]. Each player can gain up to 5 Candies in every match and up to 8 per day.
  3. If a player has 2 or more Candies in the match, one [Candy] will drop along with the weapon when being countered.
  4. At the start of each round, an advanced reward can be selected as the special reward for this round. This selection is irreversible.
  5. Complete event quests to get corresponding numbers of [Candy Bucket] and [Candy]. Send [Candy Bucket] to other players and you both get [Candy] (with extra Candy when sending Candy Bucket to friends). Use [Candy] to redeem event rewards of the current round.

Duration of each round:

First Round: 10/25/2022 16:00 (UTC) to 11/02/2022 16:00 (UTC)

Second Round: 11/02/2022 16:00 (UTC) to 11/10/2022 16:00 (UTC)

III. Time-limited Event: Shadow of Dust

Sand in the air, and crisis within.

Event time: 10/27/2022 20:00 (UTC) to 11/21/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

  1. Complete Event Quests for [Dust Emblem], and use [Dust Emblem] to redeem exclusive event rewards.
  2. Complete any mode of Showdown to earn your individual points. Getting full points to claim individual rewards.
  3. Clearing any mode of Showdown to earn whole-server points. Getting full points can unlock [Doom Mode]. Participate in it and there’s a slight chance to get the Legendary weapon skin [Flaming Ash·Burning].

*Note: Event quests can be refreshed only when the Showdown mode is open. At other times, you can redeem rewards only.

Hero Adjustments


Adjusted the recovery amount of Kurumi’s Ultimate [Sacred Circle: Rapid Healing] from 500 Health + 500 Armor to 750 Health. The additional Health recovered will be converted to Armor.

II. Ziping Yin

1. Weakened the effect of Ziping Yin’s Skill [Aromatherapy: Embrace] in Solo Mode.

Adjusted to: Triggers [Inspiration Shield] if the player is attacked within 8 seconds (12 seconds in Duos/Trios Mode) after the player absorbed Spiritual Energy, lasting 5 seconds (8 seconds in Duos/Trios Mode). The effect ends in advance after taking 450 damages.

2. Adjusted the effects of Inspiration Shield for Ziping Yin’s Skills [Aromatherapy: Embrace] and [Aromatherapy: Protection].

Inspiration Shield now cannot negate the freezing effects of Justina Gu’s Ultimate [Arctic Wraith] [Shadowswipe], the airborne effect of Temulch’s Skill [Zephyr Wisp] and the stagger effect of being smashed by Vajra.

//Dev Note: Inspiration Shield makes Ziping Yin escape easily in Solo Mode. Therefore, we decreased its duration and threshold of damage taken.

3. Adjusts Ziping Yin’s Ultimates

(1) Adjusted the basic Recovery effect per second of [Saving Grace] from 35 Health + 30 Armor to 45 Health. The additional Health recovered will be converted to Armor.

(2) Adjusted the basic Recovery effect per second of [Saving Grace: Aegis] from 30 Health + 30 Armor to 35 Health. The additional Health recovered will be converted to Armor.

//Dev Note: Ziping Yin’s Ultimate [Saving Grace] takes effect slowly, continues for a long time, and won’t cost all Rage immediately after casting. Therefore, we made it more flexible to cast. It used to recover both Health and Armor simultaneously, which inevitably made players tend to cast it when they had low Health or Armor. Therefore, we adjusted the recovery mechanism to stabilize the benefits gained from casting it.

III. Yoto Hime

Increased the Rage required for Yoto Hime’s all Ultimates from 25% to 40%, and decreased the Rage required for each slash from 25% to 20%.

Ⅳ. Valda Cui

  1. Decreased the Immune time after the Horizontal Strike of Valda Cui’s Ultimate [Nether Nightmare: Bind] water spear hits the enemies from 3 to 1 second.
  2. Optimized the movement performance of Valda Cui after unleashing [Nether Nightmare] and [Nether Nightmare: Bind] sea dragon.

V. Takeda Nobutada

Increased the cooldown of Takeda Nobutada Ultimate’s derived skill [Demonic Strike·Havoc] from 3 to 4 seconds.

VI. Tarka Ji

It costs less Energy for Tarka Ji to cast ultimate [Blackout], other talents, and 2nd stage Dodge.

Souljade Adjustments

Ⅰ. Longsword Souljade

Optimized the move of [Zodiac Sorrow].

In-game Adjustments

I. Feature Optimizations

Added quick collecting Soulbloom Essences in nearby Cairn. If there are Soulbloom Essences in any Cairn nearby, click the certain button will collect them quickly.

Ⅱ. Combat Adjustments

Optimized Quick Counter

III. Controller Adjustment

  1. Added tips for equipping slots when selecting items.
  2. Optimized tips for alternative weapons in the weapon bag.
  3. Displayed items nearby in columns. Weapons and Souljades are in separate columns.

IV. Added Shortcut for Moonbane Charm

Tapping Alt+Z on the keyboard (For controllers, tap RT (XBOX) / R2 (PS) after selecting Moonbane Charm in the radial menu) will unleash Moonbane Charm centered on the player directly, instead of opening the map first.

V. Mechanism Adjustments

  1. Spikes will be triggered immediately when the player enters its range.
  2. Removed the limit of using Forbidden Seal mechanics.

VI. Hero Cultivation Adjustments

Matari’s Yin Yang Mastery stage cultivation quest “Defeat 3 enemies with Bloodrippers” is changed to “Defeat 5 enemies with Flamebringer”.

VII. BOT Mode Adjustments

  1. Temporarily turned off the Nightscream level, the AI opponents will continue learning and come back again with better skills.
  2. Adjusted the behaviors of AI opponents at the Easy level and lowered the difficulty appropriately.

Out-game Adjustments

I. Hero Badge

  1. Added the Hero Badges of Showdown, Shadow Surge, and Through the Fire.
  2. Optimized Profile Display.

II. Hero Info

Clicking “Collection” on the Hero interface will access “Closet” instead of “Outfit”.

III. Hidden Treasure

Added tips of available Advanced Hidden Treasure rewards accumulated so far when collecting Hidden Treasure when the player has not purchase Advanced Hidden Treasure.

IV. Hero Voice

Optimized some of Temulch’s lines and his tone.

Ⅴ. Cosmetics for all

Added “Cosmetics for all” on the Hero interface. Click “Interface” to access the preview interface of “Kill Announcement”

VI. Customization

Changed the ordering of some heroes’ default faces.

Feature Optimizations

Ⅰ. Client

  1. Optimized the loading efficiency of the weapons to reduce the game lagging.
  2. Cleared redundant data to save memory.

Store Updates

Ⅰ. New Packs

Added Tarka Ji Exclusive Pack [Nezha the Conqueror], including Tarka Ji Legendary Outfits [Ill Omen], Legendary Spear Skin [Blastburn Spear], Legendary Pose [Nezha·Soar], Legendary Backgrounds [Nezha·Break], and Legendary Base [Nezha·Transform]. Pack standard price: 6,000 Gold; Now: 4,200 Gold.

II. Added New Discounts

  1. Newly added Legendary Accessory [Zhurong’s Jadeball]. Standard price: 4,600 Gold; Now: 3,050 Gold.
  2. Newly added Takeda Legendary outfit [Spring Blossom]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.
  3. Newly added Takeda Legendary Pose [Fast Blade]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 560 Gold.
  4. Newly added Ziping Yin Legendary Pose [Shivering]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 560 Gold.
  5. Dagger Legendary skin [The Breaker·Myriad Edge]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.

Ⅲ. Spectral Silk Store Updates

Newly added Epic Kill Announcement [Thunderous]. Standard price: 4,000 Spectral Silk.

Ⅳ. Discounts End

  1. Katana Legendary skin [Gale’s Edge] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.
  2. Epic Background [Sunshine Waters] has returned to its standard price of 200 Gold.
  3. Epic Base [Summer Beach] has returned to its standard price of 400 Gold.
  4. Wuchen Legendary Outfit [Incompletion Robe] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.
  5. Yueshan Legendary Outfit [JTeam·Mountain Shaker] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where the dodge effect of the 1st and 2nd stages failed to display in a few cases after casting the ultimate [Blackout].
  2. Fixed a bug where the recovery frame of some blue Focus can be interrupted by grappling.
  3. Fixed a bug where grappling hook cannot lock on heroes on the ice surface.
  4. Fixed a bug where the dodge after successful counterstrike combo of [Dagger Sap] was not Dagger Dash.

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