Mushroom Wars 2: Red & Furious DLC out Today

Mushroom Wars 2: Red & Furious DLC out Today

Strap on your caps, because Mushroom Wars 2 has new content!

Mushroom Wars 2 is getting brand new content today in the form of the Red & Furious DLC, packed with a lot of fungi that won’t break the bank.

Mushroom Wars 2

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a real-time strategy game with epic PvP and PvE battles. The game features a story-driven single-player campaign as well as several multiplayer maps for online play. Players will be thankful to hear that it also includes cross-platform capability, which takes advantage of the large playerbase, which totals over 1.8 million user. This means players should always have an opponent waiting! Mushroom Wars 2 also offers a unique spectator mode that allows the player to pick up tips from Mushroom Wars pros.

Mushroom Wars: 2 Red & Furious

The actual DLC for Mushroom Wars 2, Red & Furious, is now available for PC players. The DLC is packed with new content including 35 new multiplayer maps, 50 new story-driven campaign missions with boss fights, four new heroes including an Amazonian inspired army, and new environment and interactive game objects.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will still have to wait for a release date announcement for Mushroom Wars 2. I have a feeling once Mushroom Wars 2 is announced for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you will be able to get the whole shiitake bundle wrapped up in a nice little bow. Once that news becomes available, Guide Stash will report it.

The Red & Furious DLC is available for $4.99 on Steam, iOs, and Android. The Nintendo Switch will receive the new features starting in March. For an even bigger celebration, Mushroom Wars 2 will be 50 percent off on Steam with 10 percent off of Mushroom Wars 2: Red & Furious. This special deal will only last one week, so you better hurry!