Minecraft x Dungeons & Dragons Crossover DLC Announced

Minecraft x Dungeons & Dragons Crossover DLC Announced

Get ready to embark on a full D&D adventure set in the Forgotten Realms in Minecraft this spring.

A massive Dungeons & Dragons crossover is headed to Minecraft, developer Mojang announced on Tuesday during the D&D Direct showcase. The announcement came alongside a new trailer that offers a look at what the upcoming expansion has in store.

Minecraft x D&D Trailer

Minecraft D&D will be a separate mode from the main game where players will create their character and complete quests for various NPCs while exploring the Forgotten Realms. The DLC features four character classes to choose from: barbarian, paladin, rogue, and wizard, each with unique abilities that players can deploy during combat. Based on the trailer, the mode also has plenty of iconic D&D monsters to slay, including beholders, mimics, and gold dragons.

While we don’t know the exact release date for the Minecraft D&D crossover DLC just yet, the expansion is on its way soon and is expected to arrive sometime this spring. Those interested in learning Minecraft monster stats can check out Mojang’s new Monstrous Compendium in preparation for the upcoming DLC.  Stay tuned to the Minecraft social channels for more DLC updates.