Minecraft Trails & Tales Update Arrives in June

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update Arrives in June

Cherry groves, camels, and archaeology are among the new features coming in Minecraft 1.20.

Mojang kicked off the weekend with the official release date for the anticipated Minecraft Trails & Tales Update, which the studio revealed on Friday during their “Minecraft Monthly” series on YouTube. The free update, which brings the game to version 1.20, will be available for download starting on June 7, 2023 for both Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft. The update is packed with new features for players to explore, including a new biome, additional mobs, and more.

Cherry trees will arrive as part of Minecraft 1.20, which will introduce the cherry blossom biome to the game alongside the new cherry wood block type. Bamboo blocks will also debut as part of the update, adding a new building and crafting block for players to experiment with.

One of two new mobs coming with the Trails & Tales Update is the camel, which will be available as a rideable mount whose height will keep players safe from enemy mobs. The Sniffer is the other new mob that players can encounter, though doing so involves incubating and hatching its eggs to produce the creature and caring for the baby.

To find Sniffer eggs, players will need to utilize the new archaeology tools being introduced with the update, such as the new brush tool that is made for clearing away Suspicious Sand.

A plethora of other new features are in store for the upgrade to Minecraft 1.20. To learn more about the Trails & Tales Update, head over to the official website.