Cherry Blossom Biomes and Archaeology are Coming to Minecraft

Cherry Blossom Biomes and Archaeology are Coming to Minecraft

The pink trees will arrive alongside several other new features in Minecraft 1.20.

Cherry blossom biomes are being added to Minecraft, developer Mojang announced today on the Minecraft blog. The news comes as the final reveal in a string of announcements made this week regarding various new gameplay features being added as part of Minecraft 1.20, the game’s next major update.

Alongside cherry blossom biomes, Minecraft 1.20 will introduce archaeology to the game, allowing players to dig and discover pottery shards that can be combined to create full pots. Shards are found in Suspicious Sand, a new type of block found in desert biomes. The update also introduces a new brush tool to allow players to excavate to their heart’s content.

The update will also add a new fan-voted mob called The Sniffer. Players looking to encounter this adorable ancient mob will need to hatch them from eggs, which are also found in suspicious sand. Sniffers live up to their name in that they are adept at sniffing out ancient seeds, which can be planted to grow a variety of decorative plants.

While there is no specific release date for Minecraft 1.20, players interested in trying out the upcoming features can do so via the game’s Java snapshots and Bedrock preview builds, which you can learn about on the Minecraft website.