PMS50 GTN570 MFD with Navigraph Charts Now in Free Beta

PMS50 GTN570 MFD with Navigraph Charts Now in Free Beta

If you're looking for Navigraph Charts integration in a general aviation aircraft, the PMS50 GTN750 MFD will fit the bill.

Utilizing third-party tools, and navigational charts in particular, is a large part of getting the most out of the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. Navigraph Charts is one of the most popular solutions for flight-simmers and provides up-to-date, real-life Jeppesen charts. After recently acquiring another popular third-party tool, SimBrief, Navigraph has teamed up with PMS50 to integrate its charts in the GTN750 MFD addon, now available in free beta.

The PMS50 GTN750 is a GPS/NAV/COMM/Multi Function Display (MFD) for FS2020 which closely resembles the real world Garmin GTN750. It features map waypoint selection, map waypoint elevation data, traffic, terrain, weather radar, FPL preview, FPL Cumulative distance, FPL Import, FPL Catalog, Metar, VCALC utility, and more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 22 2021 11 01 22 AM 1024x576 - PMS50 GTN570 MFD with Navigraph Charts Now in Free Beta
PMS50 GTN750 displaying the CYVR airport chart inside the Bonanza G36

To use this addon with Navigraph, you first need to replace the Microsoft Flight Simulator stock nav data using the Navigraph Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Navdata Updates which is available in beta from the Navigraph Support Forum. This data will power the GTN750. Then you need to get a Navigraph Ultimate subscription and link your PMS50 GTN750 to your Navigraph account. Instructions on how to do this are found in the GTN750 manual. This will display Jeppesen Charts in the MFD, just like in the real Garmin GTN750.

The GTN750 can be used as an MFD replacement for the following aircraft:

  • C172
  • DA40NG
  • DA40NGX (DA40NX with DA40NGX MOD)
  • DA62
  • DA62X (DA62 with DA62X MOD)
  • G36
  • Grand Caravan

A Beta version of the PMS50 GTN750 is available for free but the Navigraph Charts integration will eventually be part of the premium edition. As someone who prefers flying in VR in Microsoft Flight Simulator, integrated charts that are easily accessible inside the cockpit are a game-changer. The Working Title folks have integrated Navigraph Charts in their CJ4 mod and are currently developing the same integration for their G3000 mod package. I cannot wait!

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