Navigraph Acquires Flight Planning Software

Navigraph Acquires Flight Planning Software

Navigraph, known for updated charts and navigational data, today announced that it has acquired SimBrief, the flight simulation community’s most popular flight planning software.

If you’ve followed any of my livestreams of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’ll know that I take my flight simulation quite seriously. Every flight starts with meticulously planning my route based on real-life airways, proper altitudes and procedures, as well as flight numbers. I’m not alone in this and the flight sim community is heavily invested in third-party tools such as Navigraph and SimBrief.

Navigraph provides an extensive library of charts and procedures while SimBrief is a flight-simmer’s one-stop shop for planning as realistic a flight as possible. Today, Navigraph has announced that it has acquired SimBrief.

“The acquisition is a natural progression of the already close collaboration between Navigraph and SimBrief. It builds on the integration between the two platforms existing since 2013 and provides the ability to do flight planning using up to date navigational data” states the official press release.

“SimBrief founder Derek has done an outstanding job creating a flight planning service which the flight simulation community loves.” says Magnus Axholt, CEO and co-founder of Navigraph. “We plan to integrate SimBrief and Navigraph even further and enable additional functionality to SimBrief using the data and resources Navigraph has available.”

“Derek will play a key role as we develop some of the features in the next generation Navigraph Charts product. With the powerful combination of his real world aviation background and software development experience, Derek is a very welcome member of our skilled and multi-disciplinary Navigraph Development Team.

SimBrief will continue to operate under the name SimBrief, but with the tag line “by Navigraph”. We look forward to seeing how this closer partnership between two of the community’s most favorite tools will evolve. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for all the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator news.