Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 3 Now Available

Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 3 Now Available

Flight Simulator’s third Sim Update includes numerous gameplay adjustments and performance fixes.

Today, developer Asobo Studio unleashed a huge update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sim Update 3 is now available for Flight Simulator players to download on PC. The update includes a slew of gameplay adjustments that include quality-of-life improvements and stability fixes.

Today’s update fixes a number of Flight Simulator‘s performance issues, including a crash that would happen when using the manual cache. Plane-specific adjustments were also made across the board, including changes and fixes for autopilot, displays, engines, and lighting.

Flight Simulator’s VR mode also received some fine tuning. VR mode will now work when HDR is enabled and will also have a fully-functional panel reset feature. Players can also now access the controls menu directly from the VR Mode page.

Sim Update 3 isn’t all about fixes. Some new content has made its way into the update as well. FSX legacy liveries are now available on appropriate planes including Kenmore, Emerald Gold, Global Freightways, Orbit, Pacifica, and World Travel. Pilots can also expect their aircraft to display new contrails. There is also a new customization menu in the World Map that helps players adjust aircraft to emulate their real-world counterparts. The menu features options for customizing fuselage wear, surface limits, and CG position.

For a complete list of changes and features included in today’s update, head over to the Microsoft Flight Simulator website for the full Sim Update 3 release notes. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Flight Simulator news and updates.