Rangers Update Adds New Game+ and More to Metro Exodus

Rangers Update Adds New Game+ and More to Metro Exodus

The Ranger Update, Metro Exodus' first major patch, is now available on all platforms and brings New Game+, developer commentary, and plenty of fixes.

The first major patch for Metro Exodus is out now and brings a large number of bug fixes and refinements to post-apocalyptic Russia. A New Game+ mode headlines the Rangers Update, which is available across all platforms.

Metro Exodus New Game+

New Game+, the ability to replay Metro Exodus with previous unlocks and improvements intact, offers gamers a fresh challenge. Developer 4A Games has added several configurable options to the New Game+ mode to allow for a custom difficulty experience.

After completing the campaign, New Game+ allows you to keep all your weapons and attachments and being the game anew. In addition, players can customize the following modes for their next play-through:

  • Inventory modes – choose from various settings, including limitations on crafting, early availability of the crossbow, and a one-weapon mode.
  • AI modes – configure enemies’ armor levels, creatures’ toughness, and how often NPCs use grenades.
  • Environment modes – real-time day/night cycles, terrible weather conditions, and constant radiations can pose new challenges.
  • Iron mode – the ultimate challenge disables saving the game entirely.

Finally, a developer commentary mode lets players find green tape recorders across the world with background on design choices.

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Rangers Update Patch Notes

As with any patch, bug fixes are plentiful in the Rangers Update. The focus has been on improvements to controls, including adding mouse and keyboard support on Xbox. Additionally, the update increases performance, in particular for DX12 and DLSS users on PC. Bug fixes and crashes have been also addressed following player feedback.

We’d like to thank our players for your help in identifying these issues. Our goal has always been to ship the most polished product we can at launch, but we humbly acknowledge that some things can slip through even the most thorough QA. Thank you again for your patience and support.

The full list of patch notes for the 6GB update can be found on the Metro Exodus website for PC and consoles.