TinyBuild Announces Mayhem in Single Valley

TinyBuild Announces Mayhem in Single Valley

Explore a small town crawling with radioactive critters when Mayhem in Single Valley launches later this year.

Publisher TinyBuild and developer Fluxscopic have announced Mayhem in Single Valley, a new top-down adventure game headed to Steam later this year. For a quick look at what’s in store, check out the game’s announcement trailer below.

Mayhem in Single Valley Announcement

Described as a cross between Zelda and Stranger Things, Mayhem in Single Valley is a pixel-art action-adventure game that combines supernatural elements in a retro-inspired setting. When a radioactive spill turns a small town into ground zero for the apocalypse, things take a turn for the worse. You play as Jack, a young boy who gets caught up in the chaos just as he’s about to move out of town. Solve puzzles, dodge contaminated critters, and manipulate your foes in an effort to escape the mayhem.

The game features physics-based puzzles, a customizable soundtrack, and even radioactive squirrels. With the right formula, you can manipulate radioactive creatures and NPCs to suit your needs. The in-game portable cassette player also allows you to select background music and set the tone for the road ahead.

Mayhem in Single Valley will release on PC sometime in 2020. No release date has been specified yet. To find out more about this quaint pixel-art adventure game, head over to the official Mayhem in Single Valley website. You can also wishlist the game on Steam.