Marvel’s Avengers Enters Beta in August

Marvel’s Avengers Enters Beta in August

The second Marvel’s Avengers War Table livestream is coming soon with details on the upcoming beta.

Square Enix is preparing to host the second Marvel’s Avengers War Table livestream, according to a recent announcement. The next War Table livestream will premiere on July 29. The stream will discuss the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers beta program, which will begin next month.

Marvel’s Avengers War Table #2

The Marvel’s Avengers War Table is a recurring livestream series hosted by Square Enix. The digital streams feature new gameplay, trailers, and information on the upcoming game. The first War Table stream debuted in June and covered topics such as hero customization, War Zones, and the arrival of MODOK.

The next War Table livestream will take place on Wednesday, July 29 at 10:00 a.m. PT. During the stream, viewers will learn more about the upcoming beta program for Marvel’s Avengers, which begins in August. The livestream will showcase new videos featuring content from the beta, along with developer commentary on the game’s design.

The exact start date of the beta program will depend on whether you have pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers and on which platform. Those who pre-order the game on PlayStation 4 will have exclusive access to the beta starting on August 7. All other PS4 owners can join the beta from August 14-16.

If you pre-ordered on Xbox One or PC, you will also gain access to the beta on August 14. The Marvel’s Avengers beta program will eventually become available to everyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC from August 21-23. To top it off, you will need to have a free Square Enix member account to participate in the beta program.

Head over to the Marvel’s Avengers YouTube channel to watch the second War Table presentation when it airs live on July 29. Stay tuned for more Marvel’s Avengers updates!