Madden NFL 20 Reveals Five New Features at E3 2019

Madden NFL 20 Reveals Five New Features at E3 2019

Madden NFL 20 wants to be the best in the franchise and more realistic with new features.

EA ended its sport session at EA Play with Madden NFL 20 and five features that are coming to the Madden franchise. These features are Face of the Franchise, Scenario Engine, Playbooks, Ultimate Missions, and X-Factor Abilities.

Madden 20 Reveal Trailer

Let’s have a look at what these new features are all about:

  • Face of the Franchise starts your journey to becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL. You create a character and start your journey in college and how well you do in college determines where you go in the draft.
  • The Scenario Engine brings dynamic quests and challenges to improve your player’s ratings and abilities.
  • Playbooks will have new formations and Run, Pass, Option or RPO’s. Playbooks will be updated throughout the NFL season.
  • Ultimate Missions give players an information guide that will help you get items to improve your MUT.
  • X-Factor Abilities are abilities that certain players in Madden NFL 20 have that make that player unique. These abilities are triggered after completing certain tasks in-game.

Other features coming to Madden 20 are new throwing animations, passing animations, pump-fake mechanics, signature animations, and special moves. EA aims to make Madden NFL 20 one of the most authentic feeling in the series. Players can get hands-on with Madden NFL 20 with a beta starting on June 14 and ending on June 16.

Madden NFL 20 releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 2. Check out the rest of our E3 coverage.