John Wick Hex: Gun-Fu Shows How to Fight Like John Wick

John Wick Hex: Gun-Fu Shows How to Fight Like John Wick

To become John Wick. One must first learn to think and move like John Wick.

John Wick is one of those movies that has some of the best action sequences due to the brutality and the style in which enemies are dispatched. In order to get the same feel John Wick is known for while creating John Wick Hex, Bithell Games stepped into his shoes with a little help from 87Eleven Action Design and released the John Wick Hex: Gun-Fu feature that shows just how they get that John Wick vibe.

John Wick Hex: Gun-Fu

John Wick Hex is a timeline strategy game where players move John Wick by choosing various movements and actions to defeat enemies and avoid being hit. Each move takes a certain amount of time to execute, making players think about how situations need to be approached. Once a level is complete, players can view a replay of the movement chosen, mimicking action scenes from the movies. This gives the player a chance to see the decisions they made in a real-time action sequence.

John Wick Hex game director and writer Mike Bithell loves the John Wick movie series so much he wanted to make sure the Gun-Fu fighting style was correctly reflected in Bithell Games’ upcoming John Wick Hex. In order to truly understand John Wick, Mike Bithell received a personal martial arts lesson from 87Eleven Action Design, the production company behind all the action shown in the John Wick film series. Bithell learned firsthand how John Wick analyzes and takes down any threat and how it could be translated into John Wick Hex.

It’s amazing to see the lengths some developers will go to make sure their game is just right. John Wick Hex is still being developed for consoles and will be available for PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store. Once the release date is known, we will be sure to update our video game release date calendar.