Ubisoft Teases New Battle Royale Game ‘Hyper Scape’

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We will find out more about Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming battle royale shooter on July 2.

Ubisoft is gearing up to reveal a brand new battle royale shooter this week called Hyper Scape. Esports consultant Rod Breslau was among the first to shed light on the game in a Twitter thread earlier today. A new teaser website called Prisma Dimensions went live shortly thereafter, confirming the game’s existence.

The teaser website is presented as the corporate landing page for an in-universe tech company called Prisma Dimensions. The website opens with a welcome letter from the Prisma Dimensions CEO, Dr. Ivy Tan. The website also features a Prisma Dimensions mission statement and brief details about the Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape Reveal

The teaser site confirms that new Hyper Scape details will be revealed this Thursday, July 2. It also mentions what is possibly the main game mode, Crown Rush, and that the game is set in a virtual city called Neo Arcadia. Thursday’s reveal is said to be the “first iteration of the Hyper Scape,” implying that what will be shown may not be the final version of the game.

According to the initial reports form Breslau, Hyper Scape “is being built with streamers in mind in a full partnership with Twitch,” and that members of Twitch chat can directly influence live matches using game-changing events. It appears that various Twitch streamers have been enlisted to try the game early as well. We will have to wait until Thursday to see how Hyper Scape’s live Twitch integration works in real time.

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Those who are interested in signing up for Hyper Scape can do so using the sign-up buttons found on the Prisma Dimensions website. Hyper Scape reportedly will launch on July 12. Be sure to check back here for more information following the game’s official reveal this Thursday.

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