Hyper Light Breaker World Overview Trailer Gives Closer Look at the Overgrowth

Hyper Light Breaker World Overview Trailer Gives Closer Look at the Overgrowth

Get a glimpse at the ever-changing world of the Overgrowth in Hyper Light Breaker.

On Tuesday, Gearbox Publishing along with developer Heart Machine released a world overview trailer for the studio’s upcoming co-op roguelite adventure, Hyper Light Breaker. The trailer reveals the vast open world of the Overgrowth, where the land is constantly changing and new threats emerge at night.

Hyper Light Breaker World Overview

Set within the vivid, jewel-toned Hyper Light Drifter universe, Hyper Light Breaker features an ever-changing open world that makes each playthrough truly unique. Each biome has distinct characteristics and will present new challenges to overcome. Regardless of where you are in the Overgrowth, it is during the evening when new threats emerge and enemies become more powerful.

“With Hyper Light Breaker, you’ll come to find you’re exploring an open world that you’ll only see once,” said Alx Preston, Hyper Light Breaker and Heart Machine creative director. “Once you die or once you complete a run, you’ll never see the same world again – you’ll instead find a completely different world to explore. Every new world that’s generated can present dynamic, global components that can affect your whole run or playthrough. Because of this, Hyper Light Breaker will be one of the first open world rogue-lites of its kind, and we can’t wait for Breakers to enter the Overgrowth and see for themselves the endless worlds they can explore!”

While no release date has been set, fans can look forward to exploring the Overgrowth in Hyper Light Breaker on Steam later this year in Fall 2023. Stay tuned for updates and check out the official Hyper Light Breaker website for more details.