The Drop Elusive Target Now Available in Hitman World of Assassination

The Drop Elusive Target Now Available in Hitman World of Assassination

Players can track down the new Elusive Target for a limited time.

The anticipated Elusive Target mission The Drop is now available in Hitman World of Assassination, developer IO Interactive announced. The new mission is free for all Hitman owners and will only be available until November 26, 2023.

The Drop Elusive Target Launch Trailer

In The Drop, players are tasked with eliminating an international DJ and drug lord named Alexios Laskaridis, who is modelled off of real international DJ, Dimitri Vegas. The mission is set in Berlin at a nightclub where the target is hosting a set.

Players are encouraged to replay the Berlin mission from Hitman 3 in preparation for the new Elusive Target. There is only one opportunity to take out the target, so it is best to come prepared.

Alongside the new Elusive Target mission, players still have time to earn some cool new suits for Agent 47 in several challenges that are currently underway. Completing A Nightmare in Hawkes Bay will unlock the Jack-O-Lantern suit, while the Codename 47 challenge will unlock the Codename 47 suit. Players who watch certain Twitch streams broadcasting Hitman will be able to earn the exclusive Purple Streak suit as a Twitch Drop.

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