The Berlin Egg Hunt Returns Permanently in Hitman 3

The Berlin Egg Hunt Returns Permanently in Hitman 3

The April roadmap still isn’t quite ready yet, however.

Developer IO Interactive has brought back the Berlin Egg Hunt Escalation to Hitman 3 as a permanent addition to the game, just in time for Easter. The developer announced the news in a tweet on Thursday. The Easter-themed Escalation is now available for all owners of Hitman 3.

The Berlin Egg Hunt Escalation was first introduced to Hitman 3 in March 2021 as a seasonal event. The Escalation involves taking down targets using various weaponized Easter Eggs. As an Escalation, the Berlin Egg Hunt consists of a series of levels that get progressively more challenging. Now that the Berlin Egg Hunt is a permanent mode in Hitman 3, players can return to this Escalation without having the added time restriction.

While it is nice to have the Berlin Egg Hunt permanently available, Hitman 3 players are still eagerly awaiting the April roadmap for Year 2. IO Interactive addressed the missing roadmap in a recent tweet regarding the permanent release of Berlin Egg Hunt. “We’re not quite ready with a full roadmap yet,” states the tweet. “Stay tuned for that.”

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