IO Interactive Reveals Opening Cinematic for Hitman 3

IO Interactive Reveals Opening Cinematic for Hitman 3

Watch as Agent 47 reunites with an old friend in Hitman 3’s opening sequence.

With just one month away from the launch of Hitman 3, the game’s developer, IO Interactive, has unveiled the game’s opening cinematic in a new video. The cinematic shows Agent 47 traveling to Dubai with a long-lost friend. You can watch the two-minute opening cinematic below.

Hitman 3 Opening Cinematic

The opening cinematic begins with narration from Lucas Grey, a fellow assassin and longtime friend of Agent 47. The two are headed to Dubai to track down the three Partners of Providence. The cinematic sets the stage for what’s to come in the final entry to the iconic World of Assassination trilogy.

If it’s gameplay you’re interested in, then you’re in luck. Just last week, IO Interactive released a 4K gameplay trailer for Hitman 3, showing what kind of tricks Agent 47 has up his sleeve.

Hitman 3 releases on January 20, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. The game will also be playable on Nintendo Switch via cloud streaming. Next-gen upgrades for console players will be available for free within the same console family. The game will also be available for PlayStation VR for those who want even more immersion. Stay tuned for more Hitman 3 updates and head over to the IO Interactive website for more information.