Hitman 3 Season of Greed April Roadmap Revealed

Hitman 3 Season of Greed April Roadmap Revealed

The Season of Greed roadmap features upcoming Elusive Targets, Contracts, and Escalations.

The Season of Greed, the first part of the Seven Deadly Sins expansion for Hitman 3, is now underway. IO Interactive has revealed a new roadmap for April that outlines the free seasonal content coming throughout the month.

Hitman 3 April Roadmap – Season of Greed

HItman 3 April Roadmap Greed 1024x576 - Hitman 3 Season of Greed April Roadmap Revealed

New Elusive Targets, Featured Contracts, and Escalations are among the free content coming to Hitman 3 this month. Here is a brief rundown of what’s in store for Hitman 3 players throughout April.

  • Seasonal Event: The Berlin Egg Hunt (March 30 – April 12)
  • Dartmoor Elusive Target  – The Collector (April 9 – April 19)
  • Dubai & Dartmoor Featured Contracts: Two Angry Gamers (April 15)
  • Hawke’s Bay Elusive Target – The Politician (April 23 – May 3)
  • Escalation: The Jinzhen Incident (April 29)
  • Mendoza/Chongqing/Berlin Featured Contracts: Achievement Hunter (May 6)

There’s still time to participate in The Berlin Egg Hunt, a new seasonal event that is currently underway until April 12. As the name implies, this event takes players to Berlin, where new Easter-themed challenges await. Complete the hunt successfully to unlock the stylish Raver Outfit for Agent 47.

From April 9 to 19, players can head to Dartmoor to hunt down The Collector, one of two new Elusive Targets coming during the Season of Greed. The second Elusive Target, The Politician, will be available in Hawke’s Bay from April 23 to May 3. At the end of the month on April 29, players can take part in a new Escalation called The Jinzhen Incident.

The Season of Greed also includes two new sets of Featured Contracts. The first takes place in Dubai and Dartmoor and comes from Two Angry Gamers. Get ready to tackle the challenge on April 15. The other set of Featured Contracts comes by way of Achievement Hunter and will take players to Mendoza, Chongqing, and Berlin on May 6.