Hitman 3 November Roadmap Revealed

Hitman 3 November Roadmap Revealed

November brings fables, unlocks, outfits, and a new Escalation to Hitman 3.

Developer IO Interactive have revealed the November Roadmap for Hitman 3‘s second year, outlining the new content coming to the game throughout the month. During November, players can look forward to a new Escalation along with new challenges and unlockable gear. Check out the latest video below from IOI for a look at what the Hitman 3 November Roadmap has in store.

Hitman 3 – Year 2 November Roadmap

One of the new unlocks is the Big Bad Wolf Suit, which features a sleek mask and is available for completing the new Escalation titled The Halliwell Fable. The Escalation arrives on November 10, alongside a new Challenge in Dartmoor that rewards the Florida Fit With Gloves upon completion.

The first of two new Elusive Target Arcade missions sets is available to complete and rewards players with Nitroglycerine explosives. Later in the month, players can complete another set of Elusive Target Arcade missions to receive the Ancestral Fountain Pen.

The first of two Elusive Targets, The Ascensionist, will be available to hunt starting on November 18. Near the end of November, players can plan on taking out the Year 2 edition of The Entertainer Elusive Target on November 25.

For more details on what IOI has planned for Hitman 3 this month, check out the official November Roadmap blog post. The Freelancer closed test is happening this month as well, so be sure to sign up for that if you are interested.