Hitman 3 Freelancer Gameplay Revealed

Hitman 3 Freelancer Gameplay Revealed

Sign-ups for the Freelancer Mode Closed Technical Test are now available.

IO Interactive has revealed gameplay of Hitman 3’s anticipated Freelancer mode ahead of its arrival in January. The gameplay video showcases what players can expect from the upcoming roguelike mode and how it works. Players eager to get their hands on Freelancer mode can sign up for the chance to test out the mode early during the Closed Technical Test, which kicks off next week.

Hitman 3: Freelancer Gameplay

The Closed Technical Test for Freelancer mode starts on Thursday, November 3 and continues until Monday, November 7. The test will be conducted via Steam and will be available as its own separate game, meaning you will need a download code in order to access the play test.

IO Interactive has opened up a registration page for players interested in signing up for the Closed Technical Test. However, not everyone who signs up will be accepted into the play test. The goal of the Closed Technical Test is to stress the game servers and to do some fine tuning before the final mode goes live. The test will have limited features and does not represent the complete Freelancer mode that will arrive in January.

To learn more about the pending arrival of Freelancer mode in Hitman 3, check out the recent Road to Freelancer #2 blog post from the developers. Head over to our Hitman 3 archives for more news and updates.