You’ve Got 4 Days to Assassinate the Badboy in Hitman 2

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The Badboy is in Sapienza, and Hitman 2 players have four days to take him out before he’s gone for the foreseeable future.

The Badboy, one of the elusive targets in Hitman 2, is currently active in Sapienza. Like all elusive targets in Hitman 2, he is only available for a short amount of time, and the clock is ticking. Players who want to assassinate the Badboy and claim any unlocks associated with the contract have only four days to finish their mission.

Elusive targets, unlock other content found in Hitman 2, are timed events. Players must complete these missions before the target leaves, possibly forever. That’s not all, though. These missions are high stakes due to the inability to play them again. If the player gets Agent 47 killed, or fails the mission for any reason, they cannot replay it. Similarly, even when they successfully complete the mission, it cannot be replayed. This drives most players to use YouTube guides to make sure they get it right, such as the popular Hitman 2 content creator, MrFreeze2244.

For players that have never eliminated an elusive target in Sapienza, taking out the Badboy will unlock the Italian Suite with Gloves. In fact, the first time you take out any elusive target in one of the game’s many destinations you’ll unlock a suit specific to that location. There are also suit unlocks for taking out multiple elusive targets as the content release schedule rolls on, such as the Winter Suit for taking out five elusive targets, and the Blood Money Suite for taking out six.

Once you’ve dealt with the Badboy in Sapienza, be sure to visit our Hitman 2 page to browse through our coverage of the game. You can also keep a close eye on what’s coming to IO Interactive’s assassination game each month by checking out the Hitman 2 July 2019 roadmap. The next roadmap will most likely be released either just before the beginning of August or shortly after the month turns over.

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