Haven Will Release on Xbox Series X on Launch Day

Haven Will Release on Xbox Series X on Launch Day

Pick up this romantic co-op adventure on Day 1 when Xbox Series X arrives later this year.

Romantic co-op adventure Haven has been confirmed as one of the launch day titles for Xbox Series X, according to a recent announcement. Gameplay footage of Haven captured on the Xbox Series X was released exclusively on IGN during Gamescom 2020. You can watch the 4K footage in the video below.

Haven Xbox Series X Gameplay

Haven is a romantic co-op adventure developed and published by The Game Bakers. The game follows a pair of lovers named Yu and Kay. The couple have escaped to a forgotten planet and must now depend on one another to survive. It looks to be a mostly laid-back, narrative-driven adventure where staying together is key.

Haven supports both single player and cooperative play. When playing alone, you can play as both characters at the same time, which should hopefully make for some interesting interactions. The game also makes it easy for a second player to quickly jump in for some co-op action.

While no release date has been specified for Haven, we do know what platforms the game will release on when the time comes. Haven will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch consoles. The game is also coming to both the PS5 and Xbox Series X next-gen consoles. Haven will also release for PC via multiple outlets, including Steam, GOG, and Windows Store (via Game Pass). A playable demo is currently available on Steam for those interested in trying the game before buying.