Thrustmaster Launches ESWAP X Pro Controller for Next-Gen Xbox

Thrustmaster Launches ESWAP X Pro Controller for Next-Gen Xbox

The Xbox-licensed modular controller was designed to offer enhanced performance on Xbox Series X|S.

Hot on the heels of the arrival of the Xbox Series X, Thrustmaster has released the eSwap X Pro Controller, a new modular gamepad made specifically for Microsoft’s latest next-generation console. While Thrustmaster’s new gamepad is designed for use on Xbox Series X, the controller is also compatible on older generation systems, including Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

The eSwap X Pro controller has several new features that aim to give players an edge over the competition. One such feature is the controller’s trigger locking mechanism, which reduces travel time by 50 percent. This feature is particularly helpful when playing shooter games, as it improves the controller’s overall responsiveness. The eSwap X Pro controller’s mini-sticks also promise enhanced precision and a longer lifespan over previous models.

The eSwap X Pro controller features a modular design that allows players to swap out and rearrange its parts, such as the analog sticks or D-pad, for a more personalized layout. Thrustmaster is offering a new line of camo-inspired module packs that allow users to swap out different configurations on the new controller. Each pack contains seven modules plus two additional mini-stick caps for $50 USD.

Thrustmaster’s modular controller is available now in the US and costs $160, which is $20 cheaper than Microsoft’s Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Those outside the US can pre-order the eSwap X Pro controller over on the Thrustmaster website.