SteelSeries Announces New Prime Gaming Mice and Headset

SteelSeries Announces New Prime Gaming Mice and Headset

The new Prime peripherals include three gaming mice and a headset designed in collaboration with professional esports players.

On Tuesday, SteelSeries announced the launch of Prime, the company’s newest lineup of gaming peripherals. The series includes three lightweight gaming mice and the new Arctis Prime headset, all of which have been designed with professional-level play in mind.

There are three different Prime mice to choose from in SteelSeries’ new lineup: Prime, Prime+, and Prime Wireless. Each mouse in the Prime series features Prestige Optical Magnetic (OM) switches that utilize the power of light to deliver speedy response times. The magnetic core ensures that the new mice will remain consistent and satisfyingly “clicky” throughout their lifespan. The three mice also contain a TrueMove Pro sensor and onboard customization.

On the audio front, SteelSeries has created the new Arctis Prime headset to accompany the new lineup of gaming mice. Described as “the rally car of headsets,” Arctis Prime features noise-isolating leatherette ear cushions that block out distracting background sounds. The Arctis Prime headset is lightweight, has built-in volume controls, and comes with a detachable 3.5 mm cable.

The main Prime mouse starts at $59.99, a fairly reasonable price for an esports-ready gaming mouse. Prime+ is available for $79.99, while the Prime Wireless mouse goes for $129.99. The Arctis Prime headset can be purchased for $99.99. Head over to the SteelSeries website for more information.