Razer Hammerhead Duo Headphones Coming Summer 2019

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Razer is aiming to bring high-quality sound to mobile devices with the Razer Hammerhead Duo.

Razer is known worldwide for its gaming accessories, but Razer will take to mobile devices with new headphones. The Razer Hammerhead Duo is aiming to be your go-to earbuds.

Razer Hammerhead Duo

Razer is plugging into mobile devices and is taking aim with the Hammerhead Duo. The Hammerhead Duo is a dual driver in-ear headset that delivers clear and powerful audio for all forms of mobile entertainment.

The Hammerhead Duo is named after the dual drivers housed in each earpiece. The dual drivers allow for more effective sound separation and produce clearer and louder audio that is free from distortion.

Razers co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan had this to say about the Hammerhead Duo.

The Hammerhead Duo primes dual driver technology to become a standard for mobile audio users. It delivers a clear and precise audio experience in a comfortable form factor that perfectly meets the demands of daily use no matter where you are.

The Hammerhead Duo has a slim design that is light-weight. Its frame is aluminum and its cord braided for durability. You’ll find three silicon tip sizes and a 3.5 mm jack in the box as well. This means it will work with smartphones, PC, Mac, consoles, and more.

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The Hammerhead Duo will be available in two different versions. The standard Razer Hammerhead Duo features an inline control with volume and play/pause control plus a microphone. The Nintendo Switch Compatible version features an inline microphone with mute switch, a silver Razer logo on each earpiece, and a carrying case.

While I do prefer headphones that cover my ears entirely, I do like the sleek design Razer is going for. I’m curious just how well they will sound.

The Razer Hammerhead Duo is slated to release June 2019 and both versions of the headphones will be available for $59.99.

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