ASTRO Gaming Reveals A03 In-Ear Monitors Designed for Gamers

ASTRO Gaming Reveals A03 In-Ear Monitors Designed for Gamers

Have crystal clear audio on the go with ASTRO Gaming's new mobile-ready A03 In-Ear Monitor.

ASTRO Gaming recently announced their A03 In-Ear Monitor (IEM), a new earphone made for gamers on the go. The A03 is designed for gaming on consoles and mobile devices, but will work with PC as well. Check out the trailer below and continue reading to learn more about ASTRO’s newest audio product.

ASTRO Gaming A03 In-Ear Monitor

Although the A03 may look like a simple pair of earbuds at first, what makes the IEM unique is its use of dual drivers. The A03 utilizes a separate audio driver for each ear piece, one driver for mid and high frequencies and the other for bass. According to the ASTRO Gaming website, having a dedicated bass driver “reduces bass distortion from the highs and mids allowing the A03’s to deliver a more realistic audioscape.”

“Gamers want a convenient way to enjoy pro-grade audio while on the go,” said Aron Drayer, VP of Marketing for ASTRO Gaming. “The new A03 IEM expands our line-up with a competitively priced solution designed to deliver the sound quality, comfort and style ASTRO customers expect.”

ASTRO Gaming’s A03 IEM is a wired device that is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as PC and mobile devices. The A03 will also work with the ASTRO MIxAmp Pro. Two color combinations are available: white with purple accents and navy with red accents.

The ASTRO Gaming A03 In-Ear Monitor is available now for $49.99 on the ASTRO Gaming website, where you can learn more about ASTRO’s other products.