AIAIAI Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint with Packaging Overhaul

AIAIAI Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint with Packaging Overhaul

The modular headphone company is going green by making the switch to more sustainable product materials.

As part of their commitment to creating sustainable products, Denmark-based audio brand AIAIAI has outlined new measures to reduce their brand’s carbon footprint. The company intends to achieve this by using more sustainable materials and eco-friendly packaging for their products.

Modular Headphone Design

AIAIAI is already a step ahead in terms of sustainable design. The brand offers a modular headphone system that allows users to replace individual parts of their headphones as needed. Their headphones have a simple, minimalist design that makes swapping out components easy. This prevents the consumer from having to purchase an entirely new product when needing a replacement.

Sustainability Initiatives

AIAIAI has drawn up an outline of their sustainability plan that should go into effect before the end of 2020. The plan involves redesigned product materials and packaging that utilizes 100% FSC-certified materials. Their modular headphones will now be constructed from high-grade recycled plastic. This will reduce the product’s carbon footprint while retaining its durability and quality. Overall, these efforts should result in an 80% CO2 reduction in packaging and 50% CO2 reduction in materials. The company is also in the process of collaborating with musicians, record labels, and festivals to help promote the use of sustainable products throughout the industry.

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“This next stage of innovation to our products will reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent, a big leap forward in audio product design, which we are very proud of,” said Frederik Jorgensen, Founder of AIAIAI. “We know there is still a long way to go, but with our continued efforts, we are inspired and committed to keep doing things better and smarter.”

Audio products from AIAIAI using the new eco-friendly materials and improved packaging will start being distributed in June. Head over to the AIAIAI website for more information about their audio products and sustainability efforts.