Xbox Project Scarlett and Halo Infinite Arrive Holidays 2020

Xbox Project Scarlett and Halo Infinite Arrive Holidays 2020

Microsoft ends its 2019 Xbox Briefing by revealing the release date of its next console, Project Scarlett, and Halo Infinite in time for the 2020 holidays.

To close out the Xbox Briefing at E3 2019, Microsoft revealed precious little details about its upcoming xCloud streaming service but did offer a few more details about Project Scarlett. The next Xbox console, Project Scarlett, will be available in time for the 2020 holidays and feature Halo Infinite as a launch title.

Xbox Project Scarlett

The new hardware and features of Project Scarlett end up looking somewhat like this:

  • 8k resolution
  • 120fps
  • custom processor based on AMD Zen 2/Navi
  • 40% faster SSD
  • SSD acts as virtual RAM
  • next-gen, real-time, hardware-accelerated ray-tracing

No details of what Project Scarlett will look like or how much it will cost, but it’s clearly Microsoft’s next big thing and will likely play a big part in xCloud.

Halo Infinite Trailer

Why would you buy Project Scarlett for the 2020 holiday season? Microsoft is banking on Halo Infinite, which will be a launch title on the next Xbox console. A dark, gritty trailer was shown off and I’m excited to see how Halo Infinite will play out. Is it enough reason for me to purchase the next Xbox console? It may just be.

More details as E3 2019 continues.