New GreedFall Trailer Highlights Key Gameplay Features

New GreedFall Trailer Highlights Key Gameplay Features

Learn more about the RPG mechanics that make Greedfall stand out in the latest gameplay trailer from Focus Home Interactive.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for the upcoming RPG GreedFall that delves into an assortment gameplay features that help make the game a unique RPG experience. The trailer offers a closer look at character customization, combat, and the various other RPG mechanics players can expect in GreedFall. Check out the full gameplay overview trailer for GreedFall in the video below.

GreedFall Gameplay Overview

The GreedFall gameplay overview trailer starts out with a glimpse at the character customization options. Players can create their character using a range of options that alter their appearance. Players must also choose their starting skills based on a list of three starting classes along with their preferred attributes and talents.

The trailer continues with a brief overview of the game’s combat options, which includes magical fighting styles. In terms of weaponry, players can choose from various weapons including two-handed swords, rapiers, and early firearms. Players can incorporate magic skills and traps into combat as well.

Player choice is an important aspect of GreedFall. The decisions your character makes will impact the world and how the story unfolds. Developer Spiders aims to give players the flexibility to make decisions in GreedFall as they see fit. Who you choose to have at your side in your party and how you interact with other characters also plays an important role in GreedFall, so be sure to choose your companions wisely.

GreedFall is set to release on September 10, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Head over to the official GreedFall website for pre-orders and additional game details.