Stranger Things Portals Have Appeared in Fortnite

Stranger Things Portals Have Appeared in Fortnite

Things are about to get flip-turned upside down in Fortnite.

Update: The official Fortnite Twitter page has confirmed the Fortnite x Stranger Things crossover event in a tweet this evening. Stay tuned for the full event starting on July 4.

Original article: Things are getting very strange in Fortnite these days. If you’ve hopped into Battle Royale recently, you may have noticed some ominous glowing portals forming in and around Mega Mall. Fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things should recognize these portals, as they resemble the ones that lead to the Upside Down in the hit show.

Upon entering one of these Stranger Things portals in Fortnite, players are instantly teleported to another portal elsewhere on the map. Considering the third season of Stranger Things begins tomorrow, July 4, it appears that Fortnite has some sort of crossover event in the works to ring in the new season. Epic Games hasn’t made any official announcement about a crossover, but the mysterious portals are surely just teasers for what’s to come.

Fortnite Stranger Things Portal Mega Mall 1024x576 - Stranger Things Portals Have Appeared in Fortnite


Crossover events in Fortnite typically feature event-themed outfits, limited-time modes, or event challenges. Perhaps players can look forward to some new goodies in the Item Shop come tomorrow (I’d love a Demogorgon outfit). There’s already a couple of Independence-Day-themed items available right now as well, including the Fireworks Team Leader Outfit and Fireworks Wrap. The Nike and John Wick events were some of the most recent crossovers to hit Fortnite during Season 9. It looks like we’ll be getting at least one more, assuming these Stranger Things portals indicate a full-blown event.

Alongside the premiere of Stranger Things Season 3, tomorrow also marks the arrival of a new set of Fortnite challenges for Season 9. There are multiple reasons to hop onto Fortnite to see what’s in store. Be sure to check back here for guides on how to complete some of the trickier Week 9 challenges.