Fortnite X Avengers Event Coming This Week

Fortnite X Avengers Event Coming This Week

Epic Games is ready to do whatever it takes to tease the Fortnite community with a brand new Fortnite X Avengers event.

Epic Games is teaming up with Marvel for another crossover event in Fortnite before Avengers: Endgame hits theaters. Are you ready to do whatever it takes in this Fortnite X Avengers event?

Fortnite X Avengers

If you were hoping for another Marvel crossover event, you just got your wish granted. Fortnite teased an upcoming event with a tweet that shows a Fortnite character donning Captain America’s iconic shield.

The tweet was simple with the quote “Whatever it takes.” and the date April 25, 2019, just a day ahead of the big Avengers: Endgame premier.

Event Details

We can only guess at this time the event will be similar to the last big Marvel crossover event that saw players turning into the Mad Titan Thanos.

Players were able to wield the power of the Infinity Gauntlet after it came crashing down from a meteor that would spawn in the safe zone.

The Fortnite X Avengers event could be similar with the player needing to find Captain America’s shield somewhere on the map. Other Avengers’ characters could show up as well in this crossover event through skins or similar power items like the Infinity Gauntlet.

Some of the other Avengers’ characters like Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow would be a welcomed addition in the ever-growing world of Fortnite.

While no other details of the Fortnite X Avengers crossover event have been revealed, we do know that it will be a huge hit for Epic Games. Fortnite is still considered one of the best battle royale genre games on the market today and continues to get a Victory Royale over its many competitors.

You can bet when more details of the Fortnite X Avengers event is released, Guide Stash will be reporting on it.