Fortnite Season 8 Teasers Hint at a Pirate Theme

Fortnite Season 8 Teasers Hint at a Pirate Theme

Get ready to loot and plunder in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite Season 8 is just around the corner, which means that developer Epic Games has begun dropping teasers hinting at what to expect in the next season. Based on the content of the latest teasers, it appears that the upcoming season will have something to do with pirates and hidden treasure.

Fortnite Season 8 Teasers

The official Fortnite Twitter account dropped the first teaser image for Season 8 on Sunday morning. The teaser image depicts a pirate hook and was posted with a message that alludes to hidden treasure.

The second teaser depicts an image of a snake with accompanying text that hints at something that “shimmers” within a cave.

When the two teaser images are placed side by side, they appear to form what looks like the top part of a skull. This further supports the fact that Fortnite Season 8 will have something to do with pirates.

Various earthquakes have rattled the island in the days leading up to Season 8. As a result, numerous cracks and fissures have appeared on the ground all across the map. There may be something bubbling deep below the surface that has yet to be revealed. We may be in for some sort of eruption that will transform the map or create new land masses. After all, there’s still some ice that needs melting, and a boiling-hot lava flow would do the trick. We will find out soon enough.

Fortnite Season 8 will kick off on Thursday, February 28. There’s a good chance we’ll get a few more teasers prior to launch, so we will be sure to update this article with those teasers in the days ahead. Be sure to check back here for more info on Season 8!