Forge and Fight! Enters Open Beta in June

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Forge and Fight! will be featured as part of the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition next month.

Zany weapon-crafting multiplayer game Forge and Fight! will debut at the Steam Game Festival next month, with an open beta soon to follow. Developed by independent studio Flamebait Games, Forge and Fight! offers a competitive multiplayer experience with a unique twist. The game launches into Steam Early Access this summer.

Forge and Fight! is described as a physics-based, weapon-crafting multiplayer game. Once you’ve forged a weapon from various parts you’ve collected, you can then take your creation into multiplayer and face off against up to eight opponents online. There are over 40 weapon parts to choose from, including elemental parts that allow your weapon to electrocute, burn, or poison your foes. Combining certain parts together can also unlock new weapon bonuses to make you even more formidable during combat.

Forge and Fight! Open Beta

“After the warm reception we received with the prototype of Forge and Fight! we are excited to open up the beta to the Steam community, before we launch the game on Early Access later this summer,” said Flamebait Games founder, Mattias Lindblad.

Forge and Fight! will enter open beta on June 9, which is also when the game premieres during the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition. The event is Valve’s way of showcasing various upcoming games releasing in the coming year in lieu of E3. The Steam Game Festival will run from June 9-14. To become a beta tester, you can sign up over on the Forge and Fight! website. Forge and Fight! will enter Steam Early Access this summer.

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Forge and Fight

You’re a gladiator blacksmith. Forge absurd makeshift weapons and wield them in gladiatorial combat!