FlowScape 1.4 Allows Custom Model Importing

FlowScape 1.4 Allows Custom Model Importing

You can now use a huge number of third party models in your environments and designs.

FlowScape is an excellent program for any budding game or environment designers. It’s a low-cost way to practice environmental design. Available for just $10 from Itch.io, the program gives you a tool to design various environments and levels. I have owned the program for a little while. It takes a moment to get your head around but is relaxing and fun.

You can build your landscape, then add trees, plants, animals, rocks, bushes, and more. Entire castles and villages can be constructed using in program assets. FlowScape comes with twenty unique landscapes and twelve unique skies. Rocks, twigs and other detritus can be placed using physics, rather than individual placements. By changing the sky and lighting, you can dramatically alter the mood of your scene.

Ever wanted to effortlessly paint beautiful landscapes where there are no mistakes and only happy accidents? FlowScape offers that with its built-in selection of trees, houses, forts, mountains, flowers, wild critters and so much more, all at your immediate disposal. It’s easy, just click and paint, and the results are breathtaking. FlowScape boasts hundreds of unique 3D models, an intuitive interface, an ever-growing community and free content updates.

Developer PixelForest recently released version 1.4 of the program, and it now supports importing custom models. This means you can pull extra assets into the program for use in your levels. If you have already been using the program, this update will sadly break your old saves. It is available as a separate download and will not overwrite version 1.3.

Other improvements to the program include colored light placement, which is important for level lighting. Ambient Occlusion is also a new addition, adding contrast to unlit areas. There has also been an improvement to the camera system, Shadow Distance control, and object locking.

FlowScape is also due for a Steam release. The program can currently be added to your Wishlist and is due to release in August.