Fear the Wolves has Launched with Free Week and 50% Off

Fear the Wolves has Launched with Free Week and 50% Off

Play Fear the Wolves for free during week, and get the full game at 50% off.

Fear the Wolves, the unique battle royale game from Vostok Games, leaves early access today. With constant communication and feedback throughout the Early Access process, the game has significantly evolved from the starting point, providing a thrilling battle royale experience. Today’s version 1.0 update introduces massive new additions to the game in the form of the Artifacts, powerful, mysterious objects that give you fantastic new powers. As part of the celebrations, Fear the Wolves introduces the First Hunter Week and will be free on Steam for the next seven days, as well as offering a half-price discount to anyone that purchases in that time to keep playing once the week is up. Watch the new launch trailer for a glimpse of the thrilling action that awaits you.

Bringing a fresh twist to the battle royale genre with a randomized map, PvE elements (radioactivity, wolf packs…), unique merged game modes, and much more, Fear the Wolves is a true FPS experience packed with untamed action.

The 1.0 update adds the Wolf Matriarch and Anomalous Lockdowns. Both have an attached artifact, the Wolf Heart and the Spore. These change gameplay significantly when picked up, letting you control wolves or see enemies through walls. However, attaining them is a challenge in itself, requiring a battle with the deadly Matriarch or adventuring into the ultra-radioactive zone of the Lockdown.

The free week and 50% discount runs during the First Hunter Week, from today, February 6, until February 12.