Farming Simulator 22 Kubota Pack DLC Coming in June

Farming Simulator 22 Kubota Pack DLC Coming in June

The Kubota Pack will be required to use the new passenger seating feature in multiplayer.

On Tuesday, Giants Software announced the Kubota Pack DLC for Farming Simulator 22. The upcoming DLC will introduce Kubota brand tractors, vehicles, and machinery to the game.

The Kubota Pack will include the corporation’s largest tractor, the Kubota M8, along with the M5, M6, and M7 series tractors and other heavy machinery from the brand. Kubota-branded clothing will be available for characters to wear as well. Here is a list of Kubota vehicles included in the DLC:

  • Kubota M8 Series
  • Kubota M7 Series
  • Kubota M6 Series
  • Kubota M5 Series
  • Kubota M77
  • Kubota LA 2255
  • Kubota R640
  • Kubota SSV75
  • Kubota SVL97-2
  • Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick
  • Kubota RTV-X1140

The Kubota Pack also adds functional passenger seating for utility vehicles in multiplayer. Up to four players will be able to ride in the Kubota RTV-X1140, for example. According to the latest Farming Simulator blog post, passenger seating will be available for all UTVs, cars, and trucks, not just the Kubota brand. However, players will need to have the Kubota Pack DLC to utilize passenger seating in multiplayer at all. “So, if you want to drive to the dealership with your friends to acquire some new vehicle, you can share a ride,” the post reads. “The Kubota Pack is required to use the feature.”

The Kubota Pack DLC releases digitally for PC and consoles on June 28, 2022. The Kubota Pack is also included in the Year 1 Season pass for Farming Simulator 22 and will be immediately available to Season Pass owners at launch. Pre-orders are available now for those looking to purchase the DLC separately. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more updates.