Farming Simulator 22 HORSCH AgroVation Pack DLC Announced

Farming Simulator 22 HORSCH AgroVation Pack DLC Announced

The upcoming content pack features a new map and 14 pieces of HORSCH brand farming machinery.

Developer GIANTS Software has announced that the HORSCH AgroVation content pack will soon be headed to Farming Simulator 22. The DLC announcement comes just days after the release of the Hay & Forage Pack, which recently introduced 17 new machines to the game.

HORSCH AgroVation Pack Announcement Trailer

The HORSCH AgroVation DLC will add new pieces of farming machinery by German manufacturer HORSCH, along with a new map. The content pack will feature a recreation of the HORSCH AgroVation farm located in Kněžmost, Czech Republic.

Here is a list of the new equipment headed to Farming Simulator 22 as part of the upcoming HORSCH DLC:

  • Avatar 12.25 SD (Seed Drill)
  • Cultro 9 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cultro 12 TC (Mulcher)
  • Cura 24 ST (Weeder)
  • Finer 6 SL (Shallow Cultivator)
  • Joker 8 RT (Disc Harrow)
  • Maestro 9.75 RX (Precision Planter)
  • Maestro 24.50 SV (Precision Planter)
  • Partner 1600 FT (Additional Tank)
  • Pronto 3 DC (Seed Drill)
  • Pronto 6 DC (Seed Drill)
  • Taro 6 SL (Seed Drill)
  • Tiger 8 MT (Cultivator)
  • Transformer 12 VF (Hoe)

The HORSCH AgroVation Pack is coming to Farming Simulator 22 on PC and consoles later this month on July 25, 2023. Those who pre-order will save ten percent on the content pack. The pack is also free for those who have the Year 2 Season Pass. For more information, head over to the official Farming Simulator 22 website.