Competitive Farming is Coming to Farming Simulator 22

Competitive Farming is Coming to Farming Simulator 22

Players can try out the new and improved Arena Mode during the open beta on PC.

The fifth season of Farming Simulator 22 will introduce competitive league play, developer GIANTS Software announced on Wednesday. Soon, players will be able to compete against fellow farmers in Arena Mode, which improves upon the previous Farming Simulator League client by granting access to console players alongside those on PC.

Farming Simulator 22 Arena Mode Trailer

“We’re happy to announce the integration of console players to our esports league,” comments Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software. “This marks another milestone in the history of our successful endeavors to make virtual farming not only competitive and fun, but professional and inspiring.”

Competitive farming consists of tasks like pressing hay bales, harvesting wheat, and making deliveries as fast as possible.  A free game update in June will add a new “esports” section to Farming Simulator 22, which is where players can face off in Arena Mode in online and offline tournaments. Skilled teams can compete to qualify for a chance at the World Championship, which boasts a competitive prize pool worth 200,000 Euros.

PC players can try out the upcoming competitive farming mode in advance by joining the open beta that is currently underway. Two game modes are available in the beta, Bale Stacking and Arena, and competitive matches consist of two teams with up to three players. Head over to the official Farming Simulator website for more information.