Farming Simulator Adds Esports League Game Mode

Farming Simulator Adds Esports League Game Mode

No, this is not an April Fools joke in June. Farming Simulator has gone Esports with the creation of the Farming Simulator League to be introduced at FarmCon 19.

Yep, no, FarmCon 19 is also not a joke. Hang on, let me explain. GIANTS Software, the folks behind the Farming Simulator series, has just released the official Farming Simulator League game mode in a free update to Farming Simulator 19. This new competitive game mode will be used as part of a full-scale tournament at FarmCon 19 on July 27 – 28.

What is Farming Simulator League?

Any group of three can form a team and register on the official Farming Simulator League website. The competitive mode needs to be downloaded and installed and then you’re off to the races; literally. Teams will face off in various competitions involving a variety of heavy machinery. Clearly not to be done in real life, these races will test farmers skills, accuracy, and creativity.

The competitive nature of Farming Simulator escapes me, to be honest, as I’ve always seen the series as a way to relax in front of my computer. However, there clearly is a desire for this type of league and GIANTS Software hopes to finetune its new game mode based on player feedback.

GIANTS is greatly looking forward to seeing how players react to and enjoy this new mode as Farming Simulator enters the e-sports scene in earnest. The number one priority heading into FarmCon will be balancing and taking feedback on the mode through our official forums, with constant communication between the studio and players.

For more details on the tournament system, check out the introductory video embedded below.