Farming Simulator 19 GRIMME Equipment Pack DLC Coming Soon

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The upcoming DLC adds new potato farming machinery and equipment to Farming Simulator 19.

A new set of machinery will be coming to Farming Simulator 19 next week, according to an announcement today from Focus Home Interactive and GIANTS Software. The GRIMME Equipment Pack will release on January 26, 2021 on PC and consoles.

The equipment pack comes with 13 machines made by German equipment manufacturer, GRIMME. The DLC also includes the Lizard Conveyor Belt, which adds up to 14 new machines total. The equipment pack is intended for use on small and medium-sized farms, according to the latest Farming Simulator blog post. The equipment was made by Team FSI Modding, the winners of the Farming Simulator Mod Contest special award.

The GRIMME Equipment Pack caters mainly to farmers looking to plant and harvest potatoes. If it’s weed control you’re after, the pack features a few options for you as well. Below is a list of each piece of equipment included in the upcoming DLC.

  • GRIMME GH 2 – Weeder
  • GRIMME GH 4 – Weeder
  • GRIMME GH 8 – Weeder
  • GRIMME GL 32 E – Potato Planter
  • GRIMME GL 32 F – Potato Planter
  • GRIMME WH 200 Eco – Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME WH 200 S – Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME WR 200 CDW – Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME SE 85-55 – Potato Harvester
  • GRIMME GBF- Transport Belt
  • GRIMME PS 511 – Transport Belt
  • GRIMME MultiTrailer 190 – Trailer
  • GRIMME MultiTrailer 350 – Trailer
  • Lizard Conveyor Belt – Receiving Hopper

The GRIMME Equipment Pack releases on January 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC, and Mac. Players who own either the Season Pass or Premium Edition of Farming Simulator 19 will be able to download the equipment pack for free when it becomes available.

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